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Blinded By Love (Comedy)

Rough Cut of the Ending of the Short Film

Director: Mara De La Rosa

Producer: Dustin Pearson

Director of Photography: Bryan Quan

1st AC: Jason Vong

Production Designer: Michelle Okawa

Choreographer: Julia Garber

Music Lyricist: Anne McGrath

Music: The Ops


Starring: Dustin Pearson, Cale Honda, Joy Mamey, Christina Foster, Julia Garber & Julian Garcia

The Play Version; Early Rehearsal 

Director: Mara De La Rosa

Producer: Ron Marasco

Lighting Design: James Cammack

Choreographer: Vivian Miranda


Actors: Dustin Pearson, Emily Ludlow, Scott Bosely, Cale Honda & Gabe Gonzalvez


Rights for Show: If you'd like to learn more about the show, or see the script click here. 


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