Sean Wilcox, a kindred spirit and hopeless romantic, is a man in love and things are getting serious. His three girlfriends—the sophisticated Catalina, the sexy Veronique, and young Gigi—are head-over-heels in love with him too and don’t mind sharing. But, life is just a fantasy, because Catalina, Veronique, and Gigi aren’t real—they’re sex dolls. When Sean’s older brother, Cody finds out Sean stole their mother's wedding ring, to give to one of the dolls, he sets out to bring Sean back to reality. But, along the way discovers sometimes you find love where you'd least expect it. 



Inspired by the life and art of Diane Arbus, The Photographer is a play about accepting our mortality. Diane Garber, our protagonist, revisits key moments in her life soon after she committed suicide. 

She then journeys through key moments in her life, where she gains a better understanding of the meaning of life, her relationship to family and friends and accepting herself as is, flaws et all. 



Based on the life of Kenny Schwartz, we follow a love story made for the books. Kenny, was in two serious relationship in his life.  The first was with a macho man named Don; and the second with the much younger Kenneth. As the AIDS pandemic swept across the world, it took the lives of Kenny's significant others, ironically both partners dying on the same day, April 6th, six years apart.



Monica is determined to lose her virginity the night before she gets a Pap smear. Although her roommate tries to talk her out of it, Monica does not want her first time to be with a probe at the gynecologist's. The night ends in rather an interesting note when she meets Clay, a sad aspiring musician, whom she bonds with at the local dive bar. 


Soon after his execution, Ted Bundy finds himself in Pervatory, purgatory for perverts. In a world filled with his own nightmares, Ted is visited by his own. The following events unfolds into a hellish nightmare consisting of a visit from John Wayne Gacy, God himself, and the ghosts of his victims who survived. Turns out there is justice in the afterlife after all. 


Mitsuru gets a final chance to say goodbye to loved ones who were killed by the 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami that hit Japan. In this ethereal like dream, Mitsuru apologizes to his wife and daughter who he left behind due to a trip triggered by infidelity. 


He was only able to survive because he was on a plane as the tragedy occurred.


Adriana is afraid to come out of the closet, and is literally being guilted by her inner demons. It's not until she meets Kylie, who helps her find comfort and encouragement to accept herself as a queer woman. 



The play is about Sam Samuels, a small town mechanic who's a drag queen in the making. He and his best friend, Ellen, are on their way to Drag Con, when Sam gets cold feet. Lo and behold, Donatella, a seasoned Drag Queen, gets a flat tire and inspires Sam to follow his dreams. 


As Don lies on his deathbed, he finds himself thinking about his life.  As he struggles to keep still, all alone in his hospital room, an unexpected friend comes to life...his bed.


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