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Written by: Nicholas Pilapil
Directed by: Mara De La Rosa 
Director of Photography: Mara De La Rosa
Producer: Mara De La Rosa and Nicholas Pilapil
Executive Producer: Walter Boholst 
Music by: Simon Wilson
Edited by: Nicholas Pilapil
Color Correction by: Homer Dulu 
Starring: Kaitlyn Fae & George Infantado
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
Los Angeles Philippine International Film Festival
Benji and Malou are newlyweds with a baby on the way. Malou is Benji’s world, and she has what should be a picture perfect life: a doting husband, a nice house, and a life in America. But, Malou is hiding a secret, shocking enough to tear their worlds apart. Secrets and lies brew as a dark truth will soon be served over dinner.

I Don't Love You (Short)

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